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Why Airbnbs are Awesome

Airbnbs are quite possibly the best invention/gift to the travel community. (Use my link to get $40 travel credit! New accounts only.) Not only does...

A Magical Day in London

London was my favorite city in the entire 2-week Europe trip. Where do I start? How can I do my beloved London justice? I...

British Library: A Bookworm’s Dream

The British Library wasn't on our itinerary until we arrived in London. Let's just say I'm really glad we made the last-minute decision to...

A Complete Tour of Versailles

Aaaahhhhh, the Palace of Versailles. A place of splendour, extravagance, and romance. Easily the highlight of our short trip to Paris, we would happily return to explore the grounds again. This...

Photo Log: 2 Days in Paris

A scenic train ride from Lucerne, Switzerland took us to Paris, the City of Love, at 1.30pm. My sister wasn't keen on adding Paris to...

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