My Journey Towards Cooking More


I know I set this up as a travel blog, but my obsession for food needs a space too, and because I can currently only afford one domain at a time (truth), I’m creating a new section for delicious, nommy food!

My Obsession

A simple, nutritious breakfast: sunny-side-up egg (I like my yolks runny), a fruit (I think it was a pluot?) and stir-fried swoodles (sweet potato noodles) and broccolini.

I pretty much live to eat. I work so I can afford good, healthy food, kitchen appliances, and travel to eat more food. I think about what I’m going to eat next as I’m eating. I think about what restaurant I want to try next when I’m bored.

I love shopping for food. I hop from grocery store to grocery store on my days off. Walking into a supermarket excites me – so many possibilities! So much food! I blow my entire week’s budget in a day. (I’m not proud of it. And I’d like to increase my budget.)

Recently, I purchased an Instant Pot, famed for its convenience and ability to make healthy foods. I’m really super excited to start using it when it arrives on Wednesday.

I’m going to cook more

I love stir-frying veggies. I don’t know why, but pushing them around the pan and watching them turn a bright, intense green is so satisfying. I also feel more nourished this way – placebo or not, it is my preferred way to cook veggies.

I was never much of a cook. I favored easy frozen meals over home-cooked meals because “I didn’t have the time.” I also hated doing dishes.

Then I got inspired. A friend of mine told me she spent only $8-20 on food for herself an entire week. (What? I spend close to $100! Sometimes more!) She said she would cook rice, protein (egg, chicken etc.) and produce (cucumbers, squash, etc.) and it would make a good, yummy meal.

It was eye-opening. If she can do it, I thought, I can too! Since I’m on a super tight budget now, I was determined to change my eating habits (eating out a lot, frozen, prepared meals) and start cooking more.

Marion's Kitchen red thai curry
I sometimes cheat with pre-made spice and ingredient packs like Marion’s Kitchen red thai curry – it’s all-natural, so easy, and SO GOOD.

I will track my food intake

One thing I started doing is writing down every meal I have and at what time. I keep a trusty pocket Moleskine around for jotting down to-dos, and now I write everything I eat in it. I find this helps me track my diet, and shows me which foods keep me full longer.

I’m going to read a lot

I picked up healthy eating books from the library that I’m falling in love with. I make notes in my Leuchtturm1917 notebook and glean inspiration from there. I’ve found lovely blogs like nom nom paleo especially helpful. (I don’t adhere to a particular diet – I try to eat a whole, nutritious diet, with some cheat occasions.) Pinterest hasn’t stuck with me so much; maybe I’m overwhelmed by the choices.

The books I love are:


  • nom nom paleo by Michelle Tam and Henry Fong (Asian-American fusion paleo diets)

I’m going to take more pictures

Mike's Mighty Good craft ramen
My new favorite “instant” ramen – Mike’s Mighty Good craft ramen, found in Sprouts and Whole Food’s. I swear by the Spicy Tonkotsu flavor – YUM!

That’s saying a lot, because I already take many many pictures, especially of my food. It’s normal in Asian countries, but here in America I get self-conscious as I whip my phone out to take pictures of the beautifully plated dish before me.

Whatever. With my sieve-like memory, if I don’t take a photo of it it’s like it never happened. So I take pictures of my food and use Google Photos to sync them/backup. I also post them to food app Yummi, which is pretty much an Instagram for foodies.

What is your food journey like? 

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