World-Class Getty Center, Los Angeles: Photos!


Where can you get panoramic views of Los Angeles, Greek and Roman sculpture, and modern architecture all at the same place?

You already knew the answer. It’s in the post title.

So we all know L.A. boasts a number of world-class tourist attractions, including Hollywood, the famous sign, and celebrities.

But listen up, fellow introverts/geeks/nerds: you’ll want to visit The Getty Center.

In this photo tour I will show you the best of what the Getty Center has to offer. Prepare to be amazed.

Getting There

Entrance Hall

The Getty Center is right off the freeway, so it’s easy to get to. Follow signs to the huge parking lot. I’m not kidding you. It’s several levels deep. Underground. Yeah.

Admission is free, but parking is $15 per vehicle, $10 after 3pm (only worth it if you arrive on Saturday, when it closes at 9pm). Don’t worry about bringing cash. There are automated machines so you can use credit cards.

You can choose to take a really fun tram up to the Getty Center, or hike up. I took the tram because trams are fun, and to save time. And because I’m lazy. 

Be sure to grab a free audio tour at the entrance hall. They come in little iPod touches that are really helpful with learning more about several art pieces. In true Singaporean kiasu (it means “afraid-to-lose”) fashion, I rushed to the lobby to grab one upon arrival. Joke’s on me – I don’t think those iPod touches run out. So don’t feel like you have to run.


I proceed to run around the place like a camera-trigger-happy monkey. I had more exercise than I had in the past week. SO! MANY! PHOTO! OPPORTUNITIES!

Metal, glass and straight lines – yes please.

Geeks/nerds – take the extra step and go on one of their free tours. Or be a perfectionist and go on all of them. There are garden tours, architecture tours, and art tours. I didn’t go on any because I was too busy taking photos, though I did stop to listen in a few times.

The views are just phenomenal.

Central Gardens: 134,000 sq ft of pure awesome. 

Left: sprawling food court with arguably the best views in LA. Right: More fascinating architecture. Lines + stone = love.

I’ll be here at least once a month if I lived in LA.

I’ll never get sick of this view. I miss it already.

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From 18th Century British portraits to Greek and Roman sculptures, the Getty Center’s collection is truly world-class.

I came here on a weekday, so it wasn’t super crowded. There were many tourists, but I loved rubbing shoulders with international peeps.

And because I can never resist gorgeous gift shops…

The Getty Center boasts rotating exhibits on top of their permanent exhibits. There was an alchemy exhibit up when I visited, and I know for a fact there was once a medieval tapestry exhibit.

Bye for now, Getty. You were amazing.

I didn’t get to catch the sunset this time because it closes at 5.30pm on weekdays. Later I realized the Getty closes at 9pm on Saturdays, so catching the sunset one day is now on my list.

Have you visited the Getty Center? Is it amazing or what?