The Vegas Strip is NOT Overrated (Budget Tips + Photos)


I’m one of those people. The kind of person who loves touristy things. The more touristy the better. I know the “in” thing in travel today is to do what the locals do. But that isn’t the case in Las Vegas, is it? Do you want to busk in the streets, or gallivant on the streets in character (or skimpy) costumes? Probably not. You want to soak up the atmosphere. The glamour, the glitz, the extravagance.

I had the pleasure of visiting not just once – but twice – a few years ago, and still retain fond memories of the pizazz!

This is my personal take of Vegas.

I’m an introvert/geek/nerd who DOESN’T drink/gamble/visit strip clubs. But guess what? I STILL LOVE Vegas!

Don’t write it off because it seems like party central. If you also love photography, sight-seeing, FOOD, or rubbing shoulders with tourists, this is THE place to visit and play.

You see, Vegas is a FOODIE HEAVEN. It is also a photographer’s dream, with the sleek, modern architecture and million-dollar hotels. And they each have free attractions, like the Bellagio’s fountain shows and conversatory, Mirage’s volcano, and the Venetian’s Canal.

Mmm. I am always dreaming about going back to Vegas just to try more buffets.

Budget Tips

I’m no expert on Vegas – I’ve only been twice – but here are my personal tips.


  • Book last minute: On my first trip to Vegas, we booked our hotel room last minute. Literally, our room was booked on the 4-hour drive there from Orange County, California. We got a room in the Luxor for $30/night. Win!
  • Book a room in the Luxor or Excalibur: These hotels are located at one end of the Strip, but they’re on the Strip nonetheless! With rooms running between $30-50/night, they always have a killer deal.
  • I wouldn’t book a hotel that’s not the Strip. Nothing beats the convenience of living on the Strip. I loved walking from one end of the Strip to the other. Though I never made it to the Stratosphere. My feet weren’t having it.
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  • The Buffet at Bellagio offers high-end cuisine ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT! And for only $30-40/person! If you can only visit one buffet in Vegas, come to this one. Seafood, made-for-you dishes, desserts GALORE! All the crab legs you can eat! Do not skimp and go to the cheaper buffets instead – the food is usually mediocre and your money is better spent at better buffets.

Free Things to Do

SO MANY FREE THINGS TO DO! Travel and Leisure has an amazing post with 31 free things in Vegas.


The New York, New York hotel boasts a Hershey store, complete with fun Nerds plushies and candy-themed paraphernalia. My sister got me a bright orange Nerd plush that I hold dear.

New York, New York boasts an iconic Statue of Liberty.

You’ll find cool art pieces, statues and street performers while walking the street. Here’s a cool vintage Pepsi-Cola ad!

If you’re a modern architecture junkie, the Strip is heaven on earth. It’s like walking through a city 50 years into the future. I love it.

Inside one of the classier hotels – I can’t remember which?

Catch a FREE water fountain show outside the Bellagio, then pop in for a mouth-watering buffet! 

Twice I’ve been there, and both times I walked the entire strip, visiting the Venetian, Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace, Mirage, the Venetian, and New York New York. I’ve been to all of them except the Stratosphere and Circus, Circus. My feet just wouldn’t have it.

There is also something about rubbing shoulders with tourists that makes me giggle with glee. The cultures! The accents! The different languages! The confused gawking!

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Next time I visit, I’d love to stay at the Golden Nugget, swim by their shark tank, and glimpse the world’s largest golden nugget. That’s Vegas for ya.

Have you visited Vegas? What do you love about Vegas?

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