Why Airbnbs are Awesome


Airbnbs are quite possibly the best invention/gift to the travel community. (Use my link to get $40 travel credit! New accounts only.)

Not only does it provide quality housing at great prices, it also connects travellers and the travel-savvy.

My sister and I lived in 90% Airbnbs during our 2-week stint in Europe, and we had nothing but great experiences. The only time we didn’t stay in an Airbnb was in Rome, and that was because we’d booked the BNB before we decided to book Airbnbs.

Here’s where we stayed in Airbnbs:

  • Florence: Amazing musician with a small apartment 5 minutes away from the train station. He helped lug our heavy luggage up the stairs and made sure we were comfortable. Great location, comfy room, AMAZING city.
  • Milan: Sweet couple with a beautiful apartment 5 minutes away from 2 train stations. Extremely close to city center. Will stay again if I visit Milan.
  • Paris: Another beautiful apartment 20 minutes away from Paris city center. (Paris was too expensive.) 3 minutes walk away from RER-C metro station. Sweet family, cute cat.
  • London: Amazing host. She was very chatty and very sweet. She even did our laundry for us!!! Washed them with like colors and hung them up to dry on hangers in our room! Super close to London city center, about 10 minutes train ride maybe? Only a 5 minute walk away from the train station. Super sweet cats. Great place!
  • Edinburgh: Ohmygod this was the most beautiful Airbnb. Only downside was it was a 20 minute bus ride from the city center/train station and the buses were sporadic. Once the bus took 12 minutes to arrive and we nearly missed our tour. But the host was wonderful, cute cat, BEAUTIFUL Airbnb. Made me want to move to Scotland.

Here are some snapshots of the London Airbnb (without giving away the host’s privacy):

That’s the view from our room!!

The apartment was very green.

How we chose these Airbnbs:

  • Reviews! The reviews say it all. The more reviews the better. Make sure they are 99% 5-star (yes it’s possible) and if they are any less than 5 stars read the review and see what went wrong. Was the visitor being unreasonable? Was there a miscommunication? All the above Airbnbs had stellar reviews.
  • Book early! I cannot stress this enough. We booked months ahead of time, which was how we managed to book these great Airbnbs. The above Airbnbs are usually fully booked. So book early! I would recommend 3-4 months in advance if possible.
  • Message the hosts if you have any questions. Good hosts are extremely responsive!

That’s it! I’m a huge advocate of Airbnb and it will be my first go-to when I travel.

Ready to sign up?

Ready to start using this amazing platform? Sign up using my link to get $40 credit! Yes, that’s a full night’s stay! You need to create a new account or this won’t work. If you already have an account, you can use a different email.

Ask me anything in the comments section and I’ll be happy to answer!

Happy Airbnbing! 😀


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